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31 Aug It's Time for Corporate Holiday Cards!

So few people send mail anymore. It is a digital era and most of our communication is by phone or email. Actually going to the post box and opening an envelope, without a bill inside, is a rarity. And, thus, it is an easy way to stand out. Holiday season is upon us, so we not create a unique and...

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30 Aug Personal Branding Meets Design

Branding isn’t just for large corporations like Nike and Starbucks though we are all familiar with their logos and culture. Branding is also for individuals, particularly those who work as speakers, consultants, coaches but can also be important for doctors, massage therapists and more. What is Personal Branding? Tom Peters wrote a brilliant article which coined...

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30 Aug Today's Business Card

Despite advances in technology, Web design and capabilities, a business card still makes an important statement and is a necessary tool for networking. If you are still using one of the 1500 business cards you bought 5 years ago, it might be time to have a designer review both your design and the content on the...

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