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01 Mar A Typography Primer

Typography is essentially print styles. Artists and graphic designers and writers see styles everywhere but you may not realize the impact typography has on you and your business message or design intent. However, at Ratio7, we are trained to advise you on which typography style supports and amplifies the message you actually want to send. Generally speaking, there are two broad categories...

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31 Aug 5 Ways to Make Print Memorable

We are all consumers who are faced with marketing materials every day. From brochures to leaflets, stickers to business cards, we pick these things up and often discard them before they are ever read. If you are a business owner, this can be a challenge if you want your marketing message to be heard. At Ratio7, we know some ways...

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30 Aug Personal Branding Meets Design

Branding isn’t just for large corporations like Nike and Starbucks though we are all familiar with their logos and culture. Branding is also for individuals, particularly those who work as speakers, consultants, coaches but can also be important for doctors, massage therapists and more. What is Personal Branding? Tom Peters wrote a brilliant article which coined...

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