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Ratio Foundation

Concepts into Cows, Brochures into Bee Hives and Websites into Water.

That’s right, at Ratio7 we love everything media but even more than that we want to have a positive impact on the world around us and are commited to using our talents to help people less fortunate than ourselves. We have teamed up with Living Generously to create a list of projects we can invest in, meeting different needs across the world.

These range from:

  • Agriculture: Supporting farming in developing countries
  • Community Health: Increasing sanitation, innoculation and health education to fight disease and injury
  • Medical: Saving and changing lives by providing essential medical care, surgery and medication
  • Aid and Disaster Relief: Sending critical supplies and personnel to places in crisis

Every time you use one of our services (anything from web design to creating a logo) we’ll invest some of the money back into a project on your behalf. You’ll also get an email with details of the project and how your investment has made a difference. Brilliant!.. warm fuzzy feelings all round.


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Over the past 8 years we have worked with a diverse range of clients around the UK ranging from leading finance companies, start-ups, Global IT companies, charities and FTSE 250 companies to name a new.

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