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Copywriting examples

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Parliament has moved a key piece of environmental legislature to the next review step. As part of its ‘green strategy’, the bill will help homeowners increase energy efficiency at no up-front cost to them. According to the Guardian “the costs will be paid for in installments through extra payments on their energy bills”. This is no doubt good news, not just for homeowners’ energy bills but for the companies who provide the goods and services to improve energy efficiency. But GoldNet UK wants to know when commercial enterprises will get the same opportunity to reduce their costs and carbon footprint with no-cost financing? We will keep you posted!


Everyone owns a digital camera these days. What used to be a high-level of quality on an expensive digital camera ten years ago is now low-end on a camera phone and even some of those phones take decent shots. With the accessibility of camera equipment and everyone being an amateur photographer, why should a business hire a commercial photographer? Commercial photographers have trained in photography and are able to take high-quality photographs that take are not just point and shoot. They consider lighting, backdrop, positioning, and speed for their photography. Plus they have the necessary tools and equipment to make your business or organisation’s photography look professional and to effectively communicate the message your are trying to send.

Airtight Marketing

At Airtight, building a strategy that gets you noticed is our business! Our experts know how to utilize all of the necessary components of search engine optimisation (SEO) so that your site rises to the top of search engine rankings. Internet users rely on these rankings to find what they are looking for. YOU rely on US to make sure that happens. We are specialists in developing strategies that increase your traffic, both in volume and in quality. We improve keyword relevance and deal with the various technical challenges that you are probably not interested in learning.

The Storehouse

Our merchandise is updated regularly, with an eye towards gifts that tug at the heart. We have seasonal offerings, a warm gracious environment for shopping, and reasonable prices. The Storehouse is simply a must-experience store where you are welcomed with a genuine smile and invited to browse our merchandise. Our lines like Jelly Cat and Think Pink are enticing to children, while Arran Aromatics and Lily Flame are excellent choices for the woman in your life, even if that’s you!



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