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11 Jul Paper print vs. new technology

No doubt you’ve already joined the online revolution – millions of us now have a multitude of online social networking profiles and websites. We can even read the latest news stories online – virtually every major magazine and paper across the globe now has their own website. This shift in media forms has made marketing more accessible than ever to...

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30 Aug Add Special Zing to Twitter

You are running around social networking land like mad, trying to make an impression for you and/or your business. You are trying to build your brand-either corporate or business. You are on LinkedIn, Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter (perhaps more). LinkedIn and Facebook offer nothing in terms of customization, but Twitter...

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30 Aug Today's Business Card

Despite advances in technology, Web design and capabilities, a business card still makes an important statement and is a necessary tool for networking. If you are still using one of the 1500 business cards you bought 5 years ago, it might be time to have a designer review both your design and the content on the...

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