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31 Aug Make a Creativity Date with Yourself

Sometimes those creativity batteries need to be recharged and a creativity (or artist) date is a fun way to do just that. Originally coined by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, many people working in a variety of creative endeavors use these dates to fertilize pending ideas and to generate new ones. Sometimes they are helpful just to get...

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31 Aug Design Buzz

"Design" is a term that has crossed boundaries, from the creative to the practical. You can thank Apple for bringing public awareness to good design and that awareness has now spread to the common consumer. Tim Brown, CEO of branding giant, IDEO has written Change by Design which examines how the creative process and design methods are helpful in all...

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31 Aug Pump Up Your Creativity!

Creativity isn't important just for artists, musicians, graphic designers and writers. These days everyone in business is tasked with being more innovative. So how do you get those juices flowing when you don't feel like you are a creative person? Let's dispel this myth: Only certain people are creative. Not true! Whether it is writing a business...

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30 Aug Boost Your Creativity!

Creativity is not just for graphic and Web designers, writers and artists. On the business landscape, creativity is getting a lot of press. Innovation, ideas, thinking "outside the box" are all extensively taught and recruited for in business. Problem-solving is a creative process. There are some great resources online that will teach you how to...

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