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Boost Your Creativity!

30 Aug Boost Your Creativity!

Creativity is not just for graphic and Web designers, writers and artists. On the business landscape, creativity is getting a lot of press. Innovation, ideas, thinking “outside the box” are all extensively taught and recruited for in business. Problem-solving is a creative process. There are some great resources online that will teach you how to be more creative and inspire you at the same time.

Brainzooming. This blog is all about teaching you techniques and giving you tools to amp up your creativity. This post, in one line, gives you one of the best pieces of advice for getting noticed by customers or your employer.

Quixoting. This blog, billed as a “quest for new ideas” has an awesome selection of posts on innovation and creativity, including in the use of social media.

IDEO. IDEO is the leading branding and design firm in the world. Their site is packed with both visual and mental stimulation from leaders in cutting-edge design. Harvard Business Review has a brilliant article on “design thinking” that features IDEO designers.

Creativity Portal. Wow! This site is jam packed and full of ideas for all disciplines: writers, musicians, artists. However, even if you are a CFO, taking a break to doodle can free up your mind to relieve stress and increase productivity.

One of the best overall business and personal creativity books is How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genuis Every Day. It has an accompanying workbook and loads of exercises and is useful for anyone in business or the arts. Stretching new muscles in your brain through creativity leads to business breakthroughs.

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