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23 Jan Avoiding the Bells and Whistles

Website design is a powerful tool. When it is used correctly it can engage the visitor and keep them on the site and the page. But it can also be too powerful for some to wield. This is why it makes sense to hire a professional in web design when it comes to creating or overhauling your website. Let’s think about...

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01 Nov Does Your Website Say Wow?

More to the point, do you know how to make it say wow? Let’s face it most of us know a good website when we see one. It’s also fair to say we can easily spot a bad website. Bad websites make us flee to other, safer havens. Good ones make us stick around and explore what there is to...

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05 Aug The popularity of the blog

Research undertaken by Universal McCann in 2008 revealed that there were around 184 million active blogs available on the Internet. Since then, the popularity of blogging has accelerated rapidly - to the point where accurate figures have not as yet been obtained for 2009-2011, this would suggest that blogs are not a passing phase. So why exactly do people love blogging...

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