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21 Jun Should You Be Worried By Google Search Changes?

Not if you have a good strong website. We’ve all read about the changes Google has made to its search algorithm over the past year or so. Last year caused a mass panic of website owners who saw the rankings of their websites disappear from sight in the search engine results. Google has announced more tweaks to its algorithm since that...

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07 Jun Why Brainstorming is Good for Business

How often do you sit down and think about where you want your business to go? Do you simply keep trundling on and hope to achieve more naturally over time, or do you adapt to changing conditions on a continual basis? We all have different ways of maintaining our businesses, but you have to agree that brainstorming is always the best...

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07 Jun Paying Closer Attention to the News

Most of us stay in touch with the news on a fairly regular basis, whether we do so online, on TV or through a newspaper. But how closely do you pay attention to news items that could affect your business? Whether the news items are good or bad, they can all have a profound effect on how you approach your business...

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24 May Monitoring Social Media Results

We often hear advice from people saying we should all get more involved in social media. As advice goes it is pretty good – but only when it comes to getting started in the first place. Lots of people who want to promote their business and raise its profile have ended up getting started on social media sites but not...

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20 Mar What Message Does a Forgotten Blog Send to Your Customers?

There must be millions of blogs online that were started with enthusiasm, desire and excitement. But equally there are many that have since been forgotten. They are easy to spot – they would have had almost daily posts to begin with, perhaps for the first week or two at least, and then they dropped off virtually to nothing. This is always...

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05 Jan How Regular are Your Blogging Efforts?

Blogs can be extremely powerful traffic generators and money spinners. But they can also fail miserably. Which category would you put your blog into? Even if you have reluctantly admitted that your blog fits better in the second category than the first, it’s not too late to do something about it. There is an affliction in blogging that we might call...

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16 Dec Do You Have a Plan for Your Business for 2012?

It hardly seems possible that another year is nearly over. But here we are, looking back on 2011 and looking ahead to the promise of 2012. There is no doubt that 2011 has been a tough trading year for many people. But whether you include yourself in that description or not, there couldn’t be a better time to look ahead...

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