Ratio7 | How Regular are Your Blogging Efforts?
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How Regular are Your Blogging Efforts?

05 Jan How Regular are Your Blogging Efforts?

Blogs can be extremely powerful traffic generators and money spinners. But they can also fail miserably. Which category would you put your blog into?

Even if you have reluctantly admitted that your blog fits better in the second category than the first, it’s not too late to do something about it. There is an affliction in blogging that we might call shiny new blog syndrome. When your blog is new you want to blog on it all the time. It’s exciting, thrilling and has the potential to be a money spinner.

But eventually you get bored with it, probably because it isn’t making the kind of progress you wanted it to. The problem is that most people give up way too soon. It’s only by blogging regularly that you can hope to produce a blog that will enhance your business or simply make money for you in itself.

Think about this for a moment. Let’s say there are two similar businesses in the same line of work and they each have a blog. One has ten blog posts on it, whereas the other one has a hundred. This means the second blog has ten times as many ways to attract visitors as the first blog. The more posts are added the more chance there is to get the stream of visitors wanted in the first place.

Do you see how this works? Regularity is half the battle when it comes to blogging. If you are consistent and you continually add new posts, the search engines will see your blog is current and rank it higher accordingly. In addition to this you’ll have more ways to attract an audience – and that audience could end up going into your sales funnel to produce more sales in the future.

The trick is to get past the shiny new blog syndrome and reach a stage where regular blogging is a habit. Once you’re there you can look forward to the real rewards from blogging – rewards that will continue to pay dividends long into the future. Isn’t it worth persevering with regular posts?