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05 Aug The popularity of the blog

Research undertaken by Universal McCann in 2008 revealed that there were around 184 million active blogs available on the Internet. Since then, the popularity of blogging has accelerated rapidly - to the point where accurate figures have not as yet been obtained for 2009-2011, this would suggest that blogs are not a passing phase. So why exactly do people love blogging...

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11 Jul Paper print vs. new technology

No doubt you’ve already joined the online revolution – millions of us now have a multitude of online social networking profiles and websites. We can even read the latest news stories online – virtually every major magazine and paper across the globe now has their own website. This shift in media forms has made marketing more accessible than ever to...

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11 Jul What’s in a name?

If you’ve ever started a new business, or have been involved in the re-branding of a product or service, you’ll know the problems that name generation can cause. Competition in today’s financial climate is fierce – you need a company/brand name that will really stand out from the crowd. We are told that a name should be unique and applicable...

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