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The popularity of the blog

05 Aug The popularity of the blog

Research undertaken by Universal McCann in 2008 revealed that there were around 184 million active blogs available on the Internet. Since then, the popularity of blogging has accelerated rapidly – to the point where accurate figures have not as yet been obtained for 2009-2011, this would suggest that blogs are not a passing phase.

So why exactly do people love blogging so much? And how can a blog help a company to sell its products and/or services? Certainly, information is power – and the Internet allows us to exchange information on a higher level than ever before. We can now speak to our existing customers and target new prospects on a global level using online communications.

And that’s where the humble blog can be useful – sure, blogging can be a fun way to share our daily activities with the masses, but did you know that it’s also a very powerful marketing tool? Let’s say that you have a new product in stock. You add the product to your website, along with a description and any relevant pricing information. It’s a great start, but then you need to get the consumer interested enough to actually invest in the product.

Using a blog, you can promote your new product and provide a little more information for your customers to consider. You may have a limited word count on your website, but by using a blog you can really ‘go to town’ when describing key product features and benefits. Your blog can then be linked to your website and to any other online marketing platforms that you currently use.

Blogging can also be a great way to announce company news and events. If you have a promotion, sale or a new member of staff joining the company, you can get the word out there using a blog. People are naturally drawn to compelling and creative text, so the more interesting a blog is – the more likely people are to read it.

So – are blogs here to stay?  – the indications would suggest that the answer is most definitely yes. When done correctly, blogging can be a very positive and productive experience for virtually any company.