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01 Sep Branding: It's All About Emotion

Branding is a funny little term that means so much. Your company's culture, its image, what it wants to convey, how it wants to entice is all part part of "branding". But the most important part of branding is the emotion it wants to evoke in the viewer and potential customer. A great film for all business owners about to work...

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31 Aug What Makes a Great Brand?

Fast Company has a brilliant article reminding business that, despite new media, internet, social networking, a company's brand remains important to your businesses results. Here's a summary for those of you tempted to ignore or downplay the importance of this business basic Your brand needs to be believable and your team needs to buy into what it stands...

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30 Aug Add Special Zing to Twitter

You are running around social networking land like mad, trying to make an impression for you and/or your business. You are trying to build your brand-either corporate or business. You are on LinkedIn, Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter (perhaps more). LinkedIn and Facebook offer nothing in terms of customization, but Twitter...

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30 Aug Today's Business Card

Despite advances in technology, Web design and capabilities, a business card still makes an important statement and is a necessary tool for networking. If you are still using one of the 1500 business cards you bought 5 years ago, it might be time to have a designer review both your design and the content on the...

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