Ratio7 | Branding: It's All About Emotion
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Branding: It's All About Emotion

01 Sep Branding: It's All About Emotion

Branding is a funny little term that means so much. Your company’s culture, its image, what it wants to convey, how it wants to entice is all part part of “branding”. But the most important part of branding is the emotion it wants to evoke in the viewer and potential customer.

A great film for all business owners about to work with an advertising or branding company like Ratio7 is Art & Copy. The film is advertising 101 in a sense and helps businesses understand what emotions their design firm is trying to pull from them and work with them to convey in their audience. Great brand strategies like Nike’s Just Do It and the original Apple MacIntosh 1984-style commercial are all covered. What do they have in common? Emotion.

When working with you on branding, logo and web design, video production or print, Ratio7 knows that you need to get your message across and will encourage you to consider the various emotions that will stir your audience: intrigue, connection, laughter, curiosity, contentment, confidence, reassurance, enlightenment, security. All of these are common feelings that companies try to inspire in their customers and we understand how emotionally compelling storytelling helps you do that.

When meeting with your graphic designer for the first time, consider what you want your potential customers and audience to feel. When you stir an emotion or solve a problem, you build brand loyalty. We understand this and will help you find the answers that suit your company best!