Ratio7 | Brochure Website Design: 6 Reasons Why It’s Great For Small Businesses
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Brochure Website Design: 6 Reasons Why It’s Great For Small Businesses

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23 Nov Brochure Website Design: 6 Reasons Why It’s Great For Small Businesses

Brochure sites remain a vital asset to small businesses across the UK.

They differ in general from online sales platforms, where retailers enable their visitors to make purchases through e-commerce systems.

Instead, brochure websites perform a similar function to that of business print brochures. They drive interest and sales to your business, either through your physical retail outlet, your telesales reps, or through your online communication channels (e.g. a contact form).

Good brochure website design will specify the services you offer, together with your business contact information as well as additional information pertinent to your audience.

If you’re a start up or small business looking for a brochure website design solution, then there are a number of advantages to approaching an agency like Ratio7 to undertake this work:

  • Brochure website design is generally an easier undertaking than building an e-commerce platform, which can require the integration of some fairly complex functionality.
  • As such, brochure website design is usually cheaper and has a faster turnaround time.
  • Brochure websites are fairly easy to maintain following launch, meaning it is less likely to incur additional costs (e.g. repairing bugs).
  • Brochure websites are not punished by search engines for not having an online purchase feature. So you’ll still be noticed by prospective customers and clients in search engines.
  • You’re not limited to a small number of pages with brochure website design (although common wisdom says to keep things concise). This gives you great flexibility when it comes to including your content into the site.
  • Following the launch of your website, at a later stage your website can be developed and adapted to include additional, more complex features and functionality if you want it to.
  • Most agencies (including Ratio7) will build their brochure website design onto a secure, popular content management system such as WordPress; meaning you can easily update your content by yourself without requiring specialist, technical knowledge or involvement from your provider. This gives you greater control over your website and keeps costs down.


philAs the Marketing Coordinator at Ratio7, Phil is responsible for devising tailored marketing strategies for his clients; generating engaging and informative content; and ensuring brand consistency across all of Ratio7’s communications. Phil has a passion for creating powerful corporate brands, and suffers from a borderline-unhealthy addiction to Google analytics. 

In his spare time, Phil can be found training for powerlifting competitions, watching Jason Statham movies, and playing acoustic guitar at open mic nights.