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Author: Phil Teale

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08 Jan How Much Should I Invest In Branding My Business?

Type "branding agency Hertfordshire" into Google and you'll find both us and our competitors making the same point. Developing your brand doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive, but you should be willing to put in some decent investment to make it distinct; also ensuring it stands the test of time and maximises the chances of your business being perceived as high-quality. You should be prepared to invest...

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08 Jan Are You Stuck Trying To Write A Video Production Brief? Here Are 5 Tips To Help

So you're looking to make a video? Great! However, it can be quite a challenge trying to articulate exactly what you're looking to achieve when seeking out a Hertfordshire video production agency. In addition, most video production houses in Hertfordshire will require a clear brief in order to provide an accurate quote to you. Your brief doesn't need to be a literary...

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30 Nov Web Designers Watford: 4 Ways To Judge Their Skills (3 mins)

If you're a Hertfordshire-based business looking for a local web designer, you have plenty of options. Which one should you choose? There are a number of factors to take into account. Have they been in business long? What work have they done on their portfolio? How much do they charge? (Always get quotes from different providers and compare them to make...

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23 Nov Brochure Website Design: 6 Reasons Why It’s Great For Small Businesses

Brochure sites remain a vital asset to small businesses across the UK. They differ in general from online sales platforms, where retailers enable their visitors to make purchases through e-commerce systems. Instead, brochure websites perform a similar function to that of business print brochures. They drive interest and sales to your business, either through your physical retail outlet, your telesales reps, or through your online communication...

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16 Nov Branding Agency Hertfordshire: Should You Hire A Freelancer Or An Agency For Your Branding Project? (3 mins)

So you're looking to brand, or rebrand, your company… Who do you hire to take on your project? There are a number of options available to you, such as approaching a freelancer, or an agency. Are there any differences? If so, what are the pros and cons of each? Is there an ideal option? As one of the top searches for “branding agency...

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09 Nov SEO Hertfordshire: What to Look For in an SEO Agency (2 min)

Businesses of all sizes require web traffic in order to increase exposure to their audience, and generate sales. It's not actually enough to have an attractive website - it needs to be found. If your website is failing to achieve high rankings in internet search results, then you are losing business to your competitors. Increasing your rankings is certainly possible through search engine optimisation...

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15 Oct What Powerlifting Taught Me About Growing A Business (4 mins)

In September 2015, I took part in my first competitive powerlifting event. I rocked up to a sports hall in Welwyn Garden City, England, with 30 other lifters; wearing a seriously-unfashionable leotard, and also covered in chalk so I could undertake six hours of lifting heavy weights. As a newbie who had only trained for three years, I had hoped that...

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21 Sep How to Sell a Website Redesign to Your Colleagues (3 mins)

Here's a common occurrence here at Ratio7: The phone rings and we get someone asking about their plans to redesign their company website. We chat about it, and typically, they like what they hear. But more often than not, something like this will be said to us during the course of the conversation: “I'm really keen for us to redesign our website. I...

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