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08 Jan How Much Should I Invest In Branding My Business?

Type "branding agency Hertfordshire" into Google and you'll find both us and our competitors making the same point. Developing your brand doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive, but you should be willing to put in some decent investment to make it distinct; also ensuring it stands the test of time and maximises the chances of your business being perceived as high-quality. You should be prepared to invest...

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15 Oct What Powerlifting Taught Me About Growing A Business (4 mins)

In September 2015, I took part in my first competitive powerlifting event. I rocked up to a sports hall in Welwyn Garden City, England, with 30 other lifters; wearing a seriously-unfashionable leotard, and also covered in chalk so I could undertake six hours of lifting heavy weights. As a newbie who had only trained for three years, I had hoped that...

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24 Aug Successful Branding; Some Lessons From Simon Sinek (2 Mins)

How do companies typically communicate the value and nature of their brand? It could be any kind of company, but let's just take lawyers as an example. The essence of brand communication in a company normally goes along these lines: “We have some of the most experienced lawyers in town, with outstanding expertise and qualifications in family law, property law and inheritance law. They’re knowledgable, friendly,...

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21 Jun Are You Ready to Outsource?

Outsourcing seems to be one of the most frequently used words online today. Lots of things can and are outsourced by businesses on a daily basis. Are you outsourcing anything, and if not, should you be? Good examples of frequently outsourced services are web design, writing and virtual assisting. Different businesses have different requirements but they can very often save money...

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21 Jun Should You Be Worried By Google Search Changes?

Not if you have a good strong website. We’ve all read about the changes Google has made to its search algorithm over the past year or so. Last year caused a mass panic of website owners who saw the rankings of their websites disappear from sight in the search engine results. Google has announced more tweaks to its algorithm since that...

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07 Jun Why Brainstorming is Good for Business

How often do you sit down and think about where you want your business to go? Do you simply keep trundling on and hope to achieve more naturally over time, or do you adapt to changing conditions on a continual basis? We all have different ways of maintaining our businesses, but you have to agree that brainstorming is always the best...

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07 Jun Paying Closer Attention to the News

Most of us stay in touch with the news on a fairly regular basis, whether we do so online, on TV or through a newspaper. But how closely do you pay attention to news items that could affect your business? Whether the news items are good or bad, they can all have a profound effect on how you approach your business...

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11 May Don’t Be Nervous of Asking for Advice

If you’re self employed you’re probably used to doing a lot of things for yourself. Maybe you started out in business with a shoestring budget and had to do everything on your own because there was no real way of hiring anyone to help out in any way. Whatever the situation might be, things may have changed. Once you get to...

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11 May Are You Stuck in a Rut?

No matter how good your business was to begin with, there is every chance you’ll get stuck in a rut eventually. Some ruts are borne out of success, where you end up achieving what you set out to with your business and not touching it because it works. This leads you to settle, and that can mean getting into a...

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