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Social Media

21 Jun Are You Ready to Outsource?

Outsourcing seems to be one of the most frequently used words online today. Lots of things can and are outsourced by businesses on a daily basis. Are you outsourcing anything, and if not, should you be? Good examples of frequently outsourced services are web design, writing and virtual assisting. Different businesses have different requirements but they can very often save money...

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07 Jun Paying Closer Attention to the News

Most of us stay in touch with the news on a fairly regular basis, whether we do so online, on TV or through a newspaper. But how closely do you pay attention to news items that could affect your business? Whether the news items are good or bad, they can all have a profound effect on how you approach your business...

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24 May Monitoring Social Media Results

We often hear advice from people saying we should all get more involved in social media. As advice goes it is pretty good – but only when it comes to getting started in the first place. Lots of people who want to promote their business and raise its profile have ended up getting started on social media sites but not...

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10 Apr Are You Getting Stuck into Social Media – Or Just Getting Stuck?

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – three of the most popular and often used social media sites for business people and entrepreneurs across the web. Are you one of them? With so many corporate entities and businesses making the most of these social media sites today, it would be a crime not to join them. Social media can be intimidating when you...

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