Ratio7 | Are You Getting Stuck into Social Media – Or Just Getting Stuck?
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Are You Getting Stuck into Social Media – Or Just Getting Stuck?

10 Apr Are You Getting Stuck into Social Media – Or Just Getting Stuck?

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – three of the most popular and often used social media sites for business people and entrepreneurs across the web. Are you one of them?

With so many corporate entities and businesses making the most of these social media sites today, it would be a crime not to join them. Social media can be intimidating when you first think about using it, which is why it makes sense to do some recon work first. Don’t jump in with both feet until you know where you are going to land. Making an untidy entry into social media is not a good idea. It can lead you to make mistakes – all of which will represent your business. So plan ahead and use the planning as a springboard into your social media activities.

One of the easiest ways to get used to how social media sites work and how other businesses use them is to stand by the sidelines and watch for a while. Pick a couple of business people or businesses you admire and follow them on Twitter. Give them the thumbs up on Facebook too and find out more about how they operate. How do they interact with their followers in each case? Each social media site works in a different way so you need to be sure you understand how to use each one to its best effect.

Of course the whole social media scene is very much a learning curve in itself. But if you plan in advance, do your homework and know how to use each site to its best advantage, you will at least avoid making some of the simplest mistakes that plenty of other people have made before you.

The truth is that social media is a powerful way to get in touch with the very people who could become your customers in the near future. Breaking down those barriers to get to know them is half of the battle – and it is a battle that can be won on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.