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27 Feb We're Talking Website Content

In February's edition of the Red Room we are talking website content and plenty of it. Helen talks us through the advantages of adding timely content to your website and why we shouldn't be scared of making videos for your site. Grab a latte and a comfy chair and enjoy....

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23 Jan Avoiding the Bells and Whistles

Website design is a powerful tool. When it is used correctly it can engage the visitor and keep them on the site and the page. But it can also be too powerful for some to wield. This is why it makes sense to hire a professional in web design when it comes to creating or overhauling your website. Let’s think about...

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23 Jan Do You ‘Get’ SEO?

Most people online today know what SEO means. But the importance of search engine optimisation can be underestimated. While it is true that some sites have succeeded despite having no sense of SEO in their content, many others have failed for the same reason. This is why it pays to make sure you do ‘get’ SEO. Search engine optimisation is a...

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09 Sep Why Don’t You Have an E-Newsletter?

More and more businesses are realising that e-newsletters are a wise way to build their business. Not only do they keep your business name in the forefront of your customers’ minds, they also generate more sales over the short and long term. It’s understandable that you might feel nervous about committing to a regular newsletter. After all every single one has...

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05 Sep Can’t You Just Write it Yourself?

If there is one thing that many webmasters try to get done on their own, it’s copywriting. It doesn’t matter whether that means coming up with blog posts, articles or content for their website, they want to do it all themselves. It seems to be the one thing they’ll cobble together in a hasty half hour while they pay the...

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26 Jul Spelling mistakes are costing us millions!

Online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe has released information about the shocking state of spelling on websites. Following an in-depth analysis of website figures, it has been revealed that the use of bad spelling can actually cut online sales by half. This news is rather worrying - to put it mildly! So what exactly is going on here? Are we forgetting the basics...

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