Ratio7 | How Long Should it Take You to Write Content for Your Website?
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How Long Should it Take You to Write Content for Your Website?

24 Apr How Long Should it Take You to Write Content for Your Website?

This is a question many people ponder over when it comes to writing content for their sites. It doesn’t matter whether it is a blog post, an article, a web page or anything in between. Should it take fifteen minutes, an hour, two days or anything else?

In truth there is no firm answer to this question. In fact the question itself should be looked at from an entirely different angle. How long should it take to write worthwhile, engaging and strong content for your website that is designed to attract the very audience you are targeting?

Now there is a good question. And it is a question that really gets to the bottom of the whole idea of writing good content. You might find you can write a 400 word blog post in about five minutes, if you’ve thought of the idea for a while and it is already planned out in your mind. Sometimes they just flow and when this happens your content can be written in next to no time and it will still be worthwhile and engaging for your audience.

On other occasions it might take much longer to write a piece of the same length. You might have some research to do to beef it up, or it might simply take some time to find the right words to get across whatever it is you want to say.

Of course the other option is to get someone else – an expert writer – to create the content for you. They may be able to get things done faster than you would, simply because they have a routine they stick to every single day. In this case you could get the content you want faster than you would be able to if you were to write it on your own. You can still tweak it when you receive it if you wish, just to get your own voice in there to a greater degree.

But in any case you can see that it is impossible to set a certain length of time for creating good strong content.