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01 Nov The Advantages of Multiple Online Revenue Streams

The internet is changing all the time, and as it changes the idea of making money online can change too. There used to be a time when anyone could set up a simple website and expect to make some money from it, but those times are long gone. The good news is that there are many more ways to make...

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01 Nov Do You Understand Your Business?

Yes it’s a strange question, but it’s one that should be answered – especially if you’re going to make it profitable. It’s amazing that some people aren’t able to describe their business in a single sentence. For some reason some believe that setting up an online business and promoting a website is a lot easier than creating an offline business. But...

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26 Jul Spelling mistakes are costing us millions!

Online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe has released information about the shocking state of spelling on websites. Following an in-depth analysis of website figures, it has been revealed that the use of bad spelling can actually cut online sales by half. This news is rather worrying - to put it mildly! So what exactly is going on here? Are we forgetting the basics...

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02 Jun Small Business Lessons from Google

Google dominates the Internet. Their search engine is a universally used and understood tool. Most of us don't even understand the scope of Google's business ventures. Google started off (in 1998) and continues with this mission: "organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful". And, as you'll see in the video below, they say every decision is based...

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30 Aug Time for an SEO Site Review?

Do a quick search for SEO and you will drown in all of the articles and news about search engine optimization on the Web. Of course, you used a search engine to do your search!  Websites should be configured to make it easy for search engines like Yahoo and Google to find your company. Many are...

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