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21 Jun Are You Ready to Outsource?

Outsourcing seems to be one of the most frequently used words online today. Lots of things can and are outsourced by businesses on a daily basis. Are you outsourcing anything, and if not, should you be? Good examples of frequently outsourced services are web design, writing and virtual assisting. Different businesses have different requirements but they can very often save money...

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05 Jan How Regular are Your Blogging Efforts?

Blogs can be extremely powerful traffic generators and money spinners. But they can also fail miserably. Which category would you put your blog into? Even if you have reluctantly admitted that your blog fits better in the second category than the first, it’s not too late to do something about it. There is an affliction in blogging that we might call...

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05 Sep Can’t You Just Write it Yourself?

If there is one thing that many webmasters try to get done on their own, it’s copywriting. It doesn’t matter whether that means coming up with blog posts, articles or content for their website, they want to do it all themselves. It seems to be the one thing they’ll cobble together in a hasty half hour while they pay the...

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25 Aug Does anybody actually make money from blogging?

Now this is a complex question that has many answers. For starters you can make money in two ways from any blog – either directly or indirectly. Directly would mean putting links and adverts on your blog. When someone clicks on them you earn some cash. Indirectly means setting up a blog that is connected to your business. You might...

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26 Jul Spelling mistakes are costing us millions!

Online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe has released information about the shocking state of spelling on websites. Following an in-depth analysis of website figures, it has been revealed that the use of bad spelling can actually cut online sales by half. This news is rather worrying - to put it mildly! So what exactly is going on here? Are we forgetting the basics...

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