Ratio7 | Does anybody actually make money from blogging?
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Does anybody actually make money from blogging?

25 Aug Does anybody actually make money from blogging?

Now this is a complex question that has many answers. For starters you can make money in two ways from any blog – either directly or indirectly. Directly would mean putting links and adverts on your blog. When someone clicks on them you earn some cash. Indirectly means setting up a blog that is connected to your business. You might blog about trends in your business sector, or new products you are getting ready to launch.

Certainly it’s worth remembering that lots of businesses regularly make money as a result of having a blog. Some would go so far as to say you’d be leaving money on the table if you didn’t bother to create a blog for this reason.

The trouble is that when people talk about making money from blogging, they’re usually only thinking in the direct form. If they’ve got a blog and their ads aren’t making them enough money, they’re not doing well. But sometimes it’s the indirect cash you earn from your blog that means the most. How many people might come across your business blog and find it worth reading on a regular basis? How many might find out about a product of yours that you’ve blogged about by doing so? How many might then go on to become a customer, even though you wouldn’t directly know that such an occurrence had happened?

When we talk about people who make money from their blogs, we only ever focus on those who blog for a living. If you own a business, a blog is a sideline – it’s an essential marketing tool that can enhance the results you are getting. It’s not easy to see how much such a blog might make for the parent company, but suffice to say it could be a significant amount over the long term.

If you don’t yet have a business blog and you’re wondering whether it’s worth creating one, read through the above information again. Can you see just how powerful it can be when you start thinking of your blog as an indirect money making machine instead of a direct one?