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24 Aug Successful Branding; Some Lessons From Simon Sinek (2 Mins)

How do companies typically communicate the value and nature of their brand? It could be any kind of company, but let's just take lawyers as an example. The essence of brand communication in a company normally goes along these lines: “We have some of the most experienced lawyers in town, with outstanding expertise and qualifications in family law, property law and inheritance law. They’re knowledgable, friendly,...

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22 Nov Magna Carta Website

Working on behalf of HCL, we have spent the last few months producing a website for the build up to the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary in 2015. We utilised our full spectrum of our services and created everything from the concepts and branding right through to the design & build, copywriting and interactive elements....

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20 Nov Presence Spa

After the successful launch of the Spa website several years ago, Ratio7 was asked to refresh the website to mark the relaunch of the Spa, including a new colour scheme. The website was given a stunning makeover on a tight budget and included new branding and a brown and cream colour scheme that runs throughout the site. The website was search...

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01 Oct The difference between good and great

Yesterday I took a much needed day off and headed into London to do some photography and to generally recharge my design batteries. Now I'm a creature of habit so I started off my day as I always do by visiting one of my favorite coffee shops in Shaftsbury Avenue. I discovered this place a few years ago with a friend...

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11 Jul What’s in a name?

If you’ve ever started a new business, or have been involved in the re-branding of a product or service, you’ll know the problems that name generation can cause. Competition in today’s financial climate is fierce – you need a company/brand name that will really stand out from the crowd. We are told that a name should be unique and applicable...

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02 Jun Small Business Lessons from Google

Google dominates the Internet. Their search engine is a universally used and understood tool. Most of us don't even understand the scope of Google's business ventures. Google started off (in 1998) and continues with this mission: "organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful". And, as you'll see in the video below, they say every decision is based...

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01 Mar A Typography Primer

Typography is essentially print styles. Artists and graphic designers and writers see styles everywhere but you may not realize the impact typography has on you and your business message or design intent. However, at Ratio7, we are trained to advise you on which typography style supports and amplifies the message you actually want to send. Generally speaking, there are two broad categories...

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