Ratio7 | The difference between good and great
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The difference between good and great

01 Oct The difference between good and great

Yesterday I took a much needed day off and headed into London to do some photography and to generally recharge my design batteries.

Now I’m a creature of habit so I started off my day as I always do by visiting one of my favorite coffee shops in Shaftsbury Avenue. I discovered this place a few years ago with a friend and is no normal coffee shop. They served the most amazing organic muffins (warmed to order, I must add), fantastic coffee served in a small trendy soup bowl and even little sachets of hand cleaners which is great if you’ve just come of the tube, topped off with a prompt and friendly service.

However sadly today’s experience was different. The service was terrible, the coffee was served in a standard mug, they were out of hand cleaners and the muffin was served cold. All the things that had made this place stand out from the other thousands of coffee shops had gone.

And how much had it cost this coffee shop to stand out from the others? 20p to heat the muffin? 10p for the hand cleaner and maybe 70p for a trendy soup bowl? No expensive marketing campaign, trendy branding or marketing materials… just £1 – the difference between good and great.