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23 Jan Do You ‘Get’ SEO?

Most people online today know what SEO means. But the importance of search engine optimisation can be underestimated. While it is true that some sites have succeeded despite having no sense of SEO in their content, many others have failed for the same reason. This is why it pays to make sure you do ‘get’ SEO. Search engine optimisation is a...

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14 Nov What is the Difference Between a Website and an Optimised Website?

If you’re not sure, the chances are you’ve got the first kind. The answer to this question is simple – optimised sites tend to get a lot more relevant traffic than ones that haven’t been optimised. Search engine optimisation – or SEO to give it its shorter and more manageable name – is very important when it comes to creating...

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09 May Going Green

Ratio7 has a strong ethical sensibility that incorporates our Christian values and our business integrity. We also are acutely aware of sustainability and the need to green our business and to help clients green theirs, as well as to successfully promote the fact that they are considering this important step. Not only is it the right thing to do, but...

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01 Nov WordPress SEO Plugins: Ratio 7's Top 10

Ratio7 loves Wordpress for clients, not just because it is user-friendly for designers, but because it is user-friendly for, well, users AND Google and other search engines love it. They also have handy little bits of code, called 'plugins' that are easy to install to customize your site. If you are a Ratio7 customer, we take care of these for...

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