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Website Design & Development

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30 Nov Web Designers Watford: 4 Ways To Judge Their Skills (3 mins)

If you're a Hertfordshire-based business looking for a local web designer, you have plenty of options. Which one should you choose? There are a number of factors to take into account. Have they been in business long? What work have they done on their portfolio? How much do they charge? (Always get quotes from different providers and compare them to make...

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23 Nov Brochure Website Design: 6 Reasons Why It’s Great For Small Businesses

Brochure sites remain a vital asset to small businesses across the UK. They differ in general from online sales platforms, where retailers enable their visitors to make purchases through e-commerce systems. Instead, brochure websites perform a similar function to that of business print brochures. They drive interest and sales to your business, either through your physical retail outlet, your telesales reps, or through your online communication...

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21 Sep How to Sell a Website Redesign to Your Colleagues (3 mins)

Here's a common occurrence here at Ratio7: The phone rings and we get someone asking about their plans to redesign their company website. We chat about it, and typically, they like what they hear. But more often than not, something like this will be said to us during the course of the conversation: “I'm really keen for us to redesign our website. I...

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21 Jun Are You Ready to Outsource?

Outsourcing seems to be one of the most frequently used words online today. Lots of things can and are outsourced by businesses on a daily basis. Are you outsourcing anything, and if not, should you be? Good examples of frequently outsourced services are web design, writing and virtual assisting. Different businesses have different requirements but they can very often save money...

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21 Jun Should You Be Worried By Google Search Changes?

Not if you have a good strong website. We’ve all read about the changes Google has made to its search algorithm over the past year or so. Last year caused a mass panic of website owners who saw the rankings of their websites disappear from sight in the search engine results. Google has announced more tweaks to its algorithm since that...

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