Ratio7 | Should You Be Worried By Google Search Changes?
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Should You Be Worried By Google Search Changes?

21 Jun Should You Be Worried By Google Search Changes?

Not if you have a good strong website. We’ve all read about the changes Google has made to its search algorithm over the past year or so. Last year caused a mass panic of website owners who saw the rankings of their websites disappear from sight in the search engine results.

Google has announced more tweaks to its algorithm since that time, but how worried should you actually be?

In truth the only people who need worry are those who do not have a well thought out website design, populated by worthwhile content. You can roughly divide website owners into two main groups – those who try to get their websites ranked highly while doing as little work as possible and those who do everything they can to build worthwhile sites. Strangely enough (or perhaps not) the second group tends to enjoy more success over time, because it provides exactly what people in general – and those at Google – like to see. This is basically a good website, well designed and filled with useful information.

It’s fine to hire someone to provide information in the form of articles and blog posts to put on your site. But you should make sure this content is worthwhile, appealing and not heavily keyword rich. There is a difference between providing good relevant keywords and writing a piece of content that is focused on this and nothing else. The end audience should always be borne in mind when you are developing, creating or updating any website.

Basically the bottom line is your website needs to be worthwhile and helpful. If you do everything you can to provide good strong content you shouldn’t have to worry about any changes Google decides to make, either now or at any point in the future. Websites should be designed primarily for people rather than search engine spiders or ‘bots’. These aspects are certainly important but they shouldn’t be the main focus of your attention.

So ignore Google for the time being and focus on your audience instead. You might be surprised at the results it gets you.