Ratio7 | Are You Stuck Trying To Write A Video Production Brief? Here Are 5 Tips To Help
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Are You Stuck Trying To Write A Video Production Brief? Here Are 5 Tips To Help

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08 Jan Are You Stuck Trying To Write A Video Production Brief? Here Are 5 Tips To Help

So you’re looking to make a video? Great!

However, it can be quite a challenge trying to articulate exactly what you’re looking to achieve when seeking out a Hertfordshire video production agency. In addition, most video production houses in Hertfordshire will require a clear brief in order to provide an accurate quote to you.

Your brief doesn’t need to be a literary masterpiece, nor particularly complex. It should actually be a really helpful exercise for you, let alone the agencies you contact. It will enable you to qualify your reasons for wanting a professionally-made video.

Here are some things to ask yourself when putting your brief together:

1. What are your reasons for wanting a video?

It’s often astounding how many people forget to explain this. Why exactly are you looking to create a video? Is there a particular reason you want to go with a local agency (e.g. video production Hertfordshire)?

You don’t need to go into a long exposition in answer to this question. Providing a handful of bullet points should be plenty of information.

2. Can you explain the target audience you’re trying to reach?

This is a crucial question. Who, precisely, are you looking to communicate with through your video? Maybe it’s young professionals, students, business partners, donors or subscribers. Knowing and conveying your audience to your video provider is vital for getting your message right.

3. What message are you trying to communicate?

What are the primary things you’re trying to say through your video? Often, we find that people are trying to say too much. There are multiple messages stumbling over one another, and it soon becomes clear that the viewers will get lost or confused unless things are simplified.

When crafting your brief, make sure the message isn’t overcomplicated, or crammed with too much information. Less really is more. Most audiences will only be able to take away one message from a video – maybe two.

4. Where are you planning to show your video?

Is your video going up somewhere on your website? Will you be posting it on social media, or including it in email marketing campaigns? Will it be shown in public venues such as business conferences or seminars? Will it be a combination of the above?

It’s entirely possible that your video might end up somewhere unexpected. However, providing an idea of where you anticipate using your video will give potential video providers a better idea of how your project could come together.

5. What video styles are you attracted to?

This isn’t as important as the previous points, at least in the early stages. However, if you have any examples of videos you like and are looking to take inspiration from, then this can give your potential provider a clear idea of your expectations and what you’re looking to achieve.

Some final pieces of information to consider including are your deadlines and budget. These don’t need to be fixed, but giving an idea of the timescales and resources available to your video provider will help them tailor something aligned to your needs and expectations.

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