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03 Dec Making Sure Your Business Blog Has a Purpose

A business blog without a purpose is like the proverbial ship without a rudder. It heads off to find new lands and experiences, but it doesn’t stand much chance of actually getting there. If it does find something worthwhile it will be due to chance more than anything else. So how can you make sure your business blog has a focus,...

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25 Aug Does anybody actually make money from blogging?

Now this is a complex question that has many answers. For starters you can make money in two ways from any blog – either directly or indirectly. Directly would mean putting links and adverts on your blog. When someone clicks on them you earn some cash. Indirectly means setting up a blog that is connected to your business. You might...

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05 Aug The popularity of the blog

Research undertaken by Universal McCann in 2008 revealed that there were around 184 million active blogs available on the Internet. Since then, the popularity of blogging has accelerated rapidly - to the point where accurate figures have not as yet been obtained for 2009-2011, this would suggest that blogs are not a passing phase. So why exactly do people love blogging...

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01 Nov WordPress SEO Plugins: Ratio 7's Top 10

Ratio7 loves Wordpress for clients, not just because it is user-friendly for designers, but because it is user-friendly for, well, users AND Google and other search engines love it. They also have handy little bits of code, called 'plugins' that are easy to install to customize your site. If you are a Ratio7 customer, we take care of these for...

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01 Sep WordPress Your Business

Wordpress is emerging as the leader of blogging sites and software. For the common user interested in using Wordpress, there are some things that can be confusing. Let us clarify some details for you! 1. Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com are two different entities owned by the same company. The free Wordpress.com site is for casual users who do not need or want...

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30 Aug Why a Blog Matters

Blogging should be a key component of your online marketing plan. Blogging allows you to interact with customers and clients in a more conversational, community-oriented way and offers them additional value over the basic information your Web site probably offers. Blogging doesn't need to be done daily, but it does need to be done consistently to...

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