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WordPress Your Business

01 Sep WordPress Your Business

WordPress is emerging as the leader of blogging sites and software. For the common user interested in using WordPress, there are some things that can be confusing. Let us clarify some details for you!

1. WordPress.org and WordPress.com are two different entities owned by the same company. The free WordPress.com site is for casual users who do not need or want a full range of customization options for their site. WordPress.org is a free downloaded software that can be fully transformed and used on a HOSTED site. To run a WordPress.org site (the most common choice among business owners), you must have it hosted like a traditional website.

2. You can create a fully functional website that includes a blog via WordPress(.org) software. It allows for pages, custom style sheets, HTML editing and everything else you need in a smaller business website.

3. WordPress (both kinds) offers “themes” which are essentially design templates that are ready to go. You can also download additional free themes, priced themes or have a theme custom made (or tailored) by a designer.

4. WordPress is easier for the average user to modify than a traditional website. Thus its huge popularity.

5. Your designer can seamlessly install WordPress blog software to be compatible with your existing website so you can utilize WP’s easy blog features without a complete website overhaul.

This blog utilizes WordPress and Ratio7 can take care of all of your needs, from the most basic to the most advanced, if you are interested in using this software. Contact us for more information.