Ratio7 | Making Sure Your Business Blog Has a Purpose
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Making Sure Your Business Blog Has a Purpose

03 Dec Making Sure Your Business Blog Has a Purpose

A business blog without a purpose is like the proverbial ship without a rudder. It heads off to find new lands and experiences, but it doesn’t stand much chance of actually getting there. If it does find something worthwhile it will be due to chance more than anything else.

So how can you make sure your business blog has a focus, a purpose, a place to be?

The key is to think about what you want to achieve from your blog. Remember this is very different from a personal blog where it doesn’t really matter what you blog about. When you blog for your business you need to be professional and focused otherwise you could do more harm than good.

For example one of the key reasons many business people start a blog is to find new clients. This is a good goal to have, and it also helps you understand what you should be blogging about. This is why you need a goal in the first place. If you know this is your aim, you know you have to write blogs that appeal to your client’s needs. Let’s say your business provides shop fittings for stores of all shapes and sizes. You could write a blog explaining how important it is to have new shop fittings instead of making do with old ones. Thus you are imparting a convincing message that tells shop owners to ensure their shops are looking good, as well as hopefully drumming up some business for you.

As you can see, having a purpose for your blog will also make it easier to write new posts for it. It’s always harder to write blogs when you have no real purpose or idea about what your blog is there for in the first place.

If you have already started a business blog and it doesn’t have much direction, don’t worry. This is the best time to stop, sit back and take a fresh look at it. You can always start from the beginning again, and you might be surprised at the results you get from doing so.