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08 Jan Are You Stuck Trying To Write A Video Production Brief? Here Are 5 Tips To Help

So you're looking to make a video? Great! However, it can be quite a challenge trying to articulate exactly what you're looking to achieve when seeking out a Hertfordshire video production agency. In addition, most video production houses in Hertfordshire will require a clear brief in order to provide an accurate quote to you. Your brief doesn't need to be a literary...

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23 Nov Smart Videos Connect With New Customers

The internet age has given every business far more ways in which to communicate with their potential customer base. But sometimes you need a little help in making that connection, especially if you’re using a brand new method you’re not familiar with to get the message across. Take video production for example. Most of us aren’t familiar with the skills and...

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02 Jun Small Business Lessons from Google

Google dominates the Internet. Their search engine is a universally used and understood tool. Most of us don't even understand the scope of Google's business ventures. Google started off (in 1998) and continues with this mission: "organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful". And, as you'll see in the video below, they say every decision is based...

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09 May What's Important to Ratio7

In speaking with a potential client about what she is looking for in a graphic design/web development firm, she said "it's important to know what's important to that firm, what they are doing and working on". I thought this was a great idea for a post. Here are some thoughts on what makes Ratio7's team tick and thrive: First, and foremost,...

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15 Apr Repurposing Your Video

We do video. We do it great! And so, when you have a finished product from us promoting your event, your brand or telling the story of your company, we want you to maximize it. Video ranks higher in search engine marketing (notice how those YouTube videos are up near the top on Google?) and also can be more compelling,...

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01 Sep Ratio7 Rocks! Video Production

Smart phones have taken the world by storm and, coupled with tablets, are changing the way businesses market and sell their products and services. Video is crucial now because it is easier to view on these technologies than text content and because video ranks higher in search engine results. While you can certainly do short amateur videos with your personal handheld...

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