Ratio7 | Repurposing Your Video
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Repurposing Your Video

15 Apr Repurposing Your Video

We do video. We do it great! And so, when you have a finished product from us promoting your event, your brand or telling the story of your company, we want you to maximize it. Video ranks higher in search engine marketing (notice how those YouTube videos are up near the top on Google?) and also can be more compelling, especially in mobile viewers like tablets and smartphones. What are some ways to repurpose your company’s or organisation’s video?

Definitely put it online. If you don’t have a YouTube account, open one and load your videos there. Vimeo is another popular site and both will help your search engine rankings.

Add it to your website and/or blog. A home page video greeting is a welcoming addition and adds a strong visual element for your visitors. It can be used to both inform and educate potential customers, volunteers or donors. Do make sure there is a stop/mute button on the video so viewers can turn off if it is inconvenient.

Put it in your press kit. A DVD copy of your video tells a story in a more compelling way than just adding text and graphic print pieces for journalists.

Use it in your marketing efforts. Take it to potential customers and donors and drop off (DVD reproduction is inexpensive) for them to view after you’ve made your in-person pitch.

Play it in your company or organisation’s office on a rotating loop so visitors can view while they wait. Consider having a variety of videos so it doesn’t get overly repetitive.

Ratio7 can create a compelling, entertaining video for your charity, business or event. We have expert videographers on staff who will help you tell a rich, engaging story about your organisation.