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What's Important to Ratio7

09 May What's Important to Ratio7

In speaking with a potential client about what she is looking for in a graphic design/web development firm, she said “it’s important to know what’s important to that firm, what they are doing and working on”. I thought this was a great idea for a post. Here are some thoughts on what makes Ratio7’s team tick and thrive:

First, and foremost, we are driven by our Christian values and beliefs. This is what fuels us to deliver our very best, in an ethical, honest fashion. This also motivates our commitment to giving back through the Ratio Foundation.

We love supporting companies who give back as well like this great organisation, and this one. And we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being part of your success!

We know that creativity requires curiosity and learning and staying on top of technology trends. We read a lot, we interact with other designers and tech-y professionals, and we pay deep attention to our clients’ needs (including budget and timelines).

Flexibility is important to us, so we employ a broad variety of creatives, both on-staff and freelancers, so we can meet specific needs nimbly.

Of course, in addition to faith, humour, family, friendship and COFFEE are important to keeping us happy, alive and fueled! What’s important to YOU?