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09 May What's Important to Ratio7

In speaking with a potential client about what she is looking for in a graphic design/web development firm, she said "it's important to know what's important to that firm, what they are doing and working on". I thought this was a great idea for a post. Here are some thoughts on what makes Ratio7's team tick and thrive: First, and foremost,...

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01 Mar A Typography Primer

Typography is essentially print styles. Artists and graphic designers and writers see styles everywhere but you may not realize the impact typography has on you and your business message or design intent. However, at Ratio7, we are trained to advise you on which typography style supports and amplifies the message you actually want to send. Generally speaking, there are two broad categories...

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01 Mar Does Print Matter?

Printed materials (newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters, etc.) are the stuff of much debate these days. Graphic designers, including those of us here at Ratio7, have had to learn and adapt quickly to the Web and digital age. And we've happily succeeded! But we still do print, despite the naysayers saying it is dead, or dying. Why? Not everyone has an iPad! Sure...

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06 Dec Is Your Site Ready for Mobile?

Smartphones are ruling the technology roost. More than 2.5 billion will be sold worldwide between 2010-2015 and by next year, smartphones will be the most common form of mobile phone in use. This means a vast majority of your customers and web visitors will be visiting via their mobile phones and a computer. But is your website ready? If you go...

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