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Is Your Site Ready for Mobile?

06 Dec Is Your Site Ready for Mobile?

Smartphones are ruling the technology roost. More than 2.5 billion will be sold worldwide between 2010-2015 and by next year, smartphones will be the most common form of mobile phone in use. This means a vast majority of your customers and web visitors will be visiting via their mobile phones and a computer. But is your website ready?

If you go to companies like Amazon.com and Yahoo on a smartphone, you will find that the site looks different than it does on a computer. Their sites, and those of many other companies, large and small, are configured to be more user-friendly on a mobile device and tablets like iPads. Considering how many people are going to be viewing your site or blog this way, it makes sense to have a graphic design re-tool it for mobile.

Ratio7 is experienced in these redesigns and understands the importance of capturing the most necessary features of your site for the mobile version while maintaining a strong and visually appealing design. We’ll help you determine how this mobile site should look and function and do it within your budget and time frame.

Don’t let the mobile world pass your company by! Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate for a mobile conversion.