Ratio7 | Does Print Matter?
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Does Print Matter?

01 Mar Does Print Matter?

Printed materials (newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters, etc.) are the stuff of much debate these days. Graphic designers, including those of us here at Ratio7, have had to learn and adapt quickly to the Web and digital age. And we’ve happily succeeded! But we still do print, despite the naysayers saying it is dead, or dying. Why?

Not everyone has an iPad! Sure they have plenty of smartphones, but even the largest of those requires squinting to absorb media that is easy to manage in print. Granted, we redesign websites for smartphones and that will continue and grow, but for viewing most text-driven media, smartphones are just too small.

A magazine is cheap to lose if you drop it in the tub. So is a book or newspaper. And people read in the tub, on the beach and on boats, risking ruining an expensive digital device if they have a mishap.

Some print materials are ok to be left lying around for strangers. Postcards for events, stickers, newsletters all are easier to distribute randomly than digital material via email-which generally requires “opt-in” permission and a way to find your recipients. Where would bands be without flyers?

Finally, there is something about print. A tangible, tactile feel that many people cannot imagine ever giving up since we’ve been using print on paper-type products since papyrus gained popularity around 300o BC. Print has texture, artwork, portability and a sense of ownership that an e-book doesn’t really offer.

Ratio7 believes there will ALWAYS be a place for print. If you agree and have a need, let us know!