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Caffeine Fueled Thoughts

Weightlifter lifting barbells at gym. Deadlift exercise

15 Oct What Powerlifting Taught Me About Growing A Business (4 mins)

In September 2015, I took part in my first competitive powerlifting event. I rocked up to a sports hall in Welwyn Garden City, England, with 30 other lifters; wearing a seriously-unfashionable leotard, and also covered in chalk so I could undertake six hours of lifting heavy weights. As a newbie who had only trained for three years, I had hoped that...

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01 Oct The difference between good and great

Yesterday I took a much needed day off and headed into London to do some photography and to generally recharge my design batteries. Now I'm a creature of habit so I started off my day as I always do by visiting one of my favorite coffee shops in Shaftsbury Avenue. I discovered this place a few years ago with a friend...

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09 May What's Important to Ratio7

In speaking with a potential client about what she is looking for in a graphic design/web development firm, she said "it's important to know what's important to that firm, what they are doing and working on". I thought this was a great idea for a post. Here are some thoughts on what makes Ratio7's team tick and thrive: First, and foremost,...

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