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Video Promotion and Ratio7

01 Sep Video Promotion and Ratio7

Whether you are a small business or a solo brand, promotional videos offer something to your customer that they can’t get any other way. A video brings your business and your brand to life, allowing customers the ability to connect and experience you and what you offer in an authentic manner. There are a variety of ways to use promotional video as part of your marketing strategy.

But, before you start using video, it is imperative that you have video that is professional in quality. Experts in videography know more about lighting, sound, angles, focus and overall quality than your average user and they use higher-quality equipment. Additionally, proper editing with titles, fades and effects is crucial.

Videos should be included in your company or personal press kit. As an introduction to who you are, what you do and why the media would be interested, it is a brilliant add-on to the general materials included in the traditional press kit.

Video can and should be embedded on your website or blog. Whether these are instructional or a walk-through of your business, they give the viewer first hand knowledge of what you offer. If they are instructional, the potential customer is instantly rewarded for having found your link!

Video can be used inside the business on television screens. Whether they video cast studies of your work with past clients, an interview with the CEO or video of company events, it offers those visitors waiting in your lobby information (and entertainment) that makes your organization feel more alive and engaging.

Finally, for business owners or solo entrepreneurs, more individuals are adding video to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn business pages. Acting as a form of a visual resume, you can provide an introduction that encourages others to connect with you online.

Ratio7 offers professional video editing and production at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us for more information.