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Don’t Be Scared of Video

15 Feb Don’t Be Scared of Video

It’s amazing how many webmasters shy away from making videos for their websites. The normal way for many of them to get in touch with their readers is to write a blog post or an article. This is great for SEO and it provides content that the spiders can crawl to index for the search engines.

But it doesn’t tell the whole story and it doesn’t appeal to everyone. We don’t all have the time or the inclination to sit and read an entire blog post. And sometimes it’s nice to see just who is writing this particular blog or website.

This is where the power of the video comes in. Video creates a connection between the reader and the presenter that simply isn’t there in the average blog post or article. The best approach used by some people is to record a video and then provide a shorter post underneath it that goes over the content given in the video. This works well because people then have a choice of which type of content to look at or read. Some will do both.

But people do have a fear of making videos. They worry over their appearance or whether people will enjoy them or not. But here’s the thing – it is incredibly important not to worry about appearance. Obviously you want to look reasonably neat and tidy, but you’ll do that anyway. The important thing is to actually get on your computer and to make your video. People aren’t going to tune in to see what you look like. They’re going to tune in to see what you have to say. The content of your video is far more important than what you look like. Even in the world of video presentations, content is still king.

So if you haven’t yet added any videos to your website, think about making the change and doing it now. It could be one of the best things you ever do, and it might just open your site up to a whole new audience. You’ve nothing to lose by trying.