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Do You Really Need a Huge Website?

24 Feb Do You Really Need a Huge Website?

If you’re thinking about setting up a new website – regardless of what the reason might be for doing so – you might be thinking about size. Many websites are laden down with pages, sections, blogs and much more besides. But does this mean all websites should be built in this way?

Not at all; in fact it is far more likely that some sites would function just as well (perhaps even better) if they had just a few pages of information to offer. Too many pages can sometimes bloat out a site unnecessarily, making it large and cumbersome for no good reason.

This is why it is usually best to start with an idea of what you want to achieve with your site. If you have a clear plan you will be able to decide whether you need such a big site after all. For example if you run a cake decorating business that offers countless different designs for all kinds of occasions, it makes sense that you would need a large site. But if you have just one product to sell, you might be guilty of overload if you create a huge site around it. In a sense it actually confuses the customer because there is too much information for them to digest when they visit your site. If they cannot find what they want within a few moments of arriving on your site, they might leave without worrying about searching any longer. You couldn’t blame them.

So don’t make any assumptions when it comes to how many pages your new website needs. Work on some examples. Look for reasons to have a specific number of pages. Will your site need to grow in future or will it be just fine with a smaller number of pages – perhaps only two or three?

The more you learn about what your new site could look like, the easier it will be to work out what size site you will need. You can then press ahead with confidence so you stand a far better chance of getting the right site for the right purpose.

If you would like some advice or help on choosing the right size website, please get in touch. Our dedicated web design and development team would be happy to help.