Ratio7 | Can’t You Just Write it Yourself?
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Can’t You Just Write it Yourself?

05 Sep Can’t You Just Write it Yourself?

If there is one thing that many webmasters try to get done on their own, it’s copywriting. It doesn’t matter whether that means coming up with blog posts, articles or content for their website, they want to do it all themselves. It seems to be the one thing they’ll cobble together in a hasty half hour while they pay the experts to do everything else for them.

But copywriting is as much a skill as web designing is. If you really want the best for your website, it does matter which words you put where. When altering one or two strategic words can make a difference to your conversion rate, it makes sense to get the experts in for this as well.

There are other convincing reasons why you should get a professional to write for you too. They know the industry inside out, and they know exactly what to write and how to write it to enable you to get more profits from your site. Putting your thoughts into words sounds easy, and it might be if you’re writing a diary no one else will see. But think about it – your website will be seen by hundreds of people, potentially many thousands if you hit on a great idea. Doesn’t it deserve to have the best possible content on it as well as the best possible design?

Unfortunately it comes down to the money with many people. Why invest in words when you can create them on your own? That’s their motto, but the best motto to have is to invest in the future of your business. That’s the best way to think about copywriting – as an investment. Stronger, better words that make more sense and convince your visitors to take certain actions.

It’s easy to fill a website with words and sentences. But how good are they when they’re done almost as an afterthought? Too many people are treating their businesses as an afterthought when they should be investing in the best possible services to transform them. What’s your approach and how is it working for you?