Ratio7 | Don’t Be Nervous of Asking for Advice
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Don’t Be Nervous of Asking for Advice

11 May Don’t Be Nervous of Asking for Advice

If you’re self employed you’re probably used to doing a lot of things for yourself. Maybe you started out in business with a shoestring budget and had to do everything on your own because there was no real way of hiring anyone to help out in any way.

Whatever the situation might be, things may have changed. Once you get to the stage where your business is doing well and you have some surplus cash coming in, you should think about whether you could put that cash to good use. There are plenty of businesses that are still struggling on with the same old website they started out with – something the boss created on a Sunday afternoon maybe. Something that was only ever intended to suffice for a short time, but that is still here.

If this sounds familiar, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who can help you take your business to the next stage. We help businesses all the time with all kinds of different things. It could be to help with revamping a website, it could mean designing a new logo, or it could mean a whole new rebranding exercise. But whatever happens, it usually stems from someone asking for advice. This doesn’t just apply to small businesses of course – it can apply to all kinds of people and companies, from large ones to small.

The point is that every connection we make starts with a phone call or an email. It starts with someone asking for our help and advice on something. There had to be a point when they decided ‘you know this isn’t something I can do alone. I need help with this.’ No matter how much or little knowledge they may have about the topic, they are unable to proceed any further on their own.

As a result they end up with a brand new website, a dynamic new logo or whatever else it was they wanted originally. As you can see, asking for help can have some wonderful consequences. Why not try it and see how it works for you?