Ratio7 | How Can You Tell When it is Time for a New Website Design?
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How Can You Tell When it is Time for a New Website Design?

24 May How Can You Tell When it is Time for a New Website Design?

How long does a website design last before it no longer meets its purpose? Should you get a new design every couple of years or is it a lot more fluid than that?

In truth this question is rather like asking how long a piece of string is. Some websites outlast others and still do a grand job of connecting with customers and visitors. Others start life in a weak position and never get any better.

But there is one way to tell whether you need a new website yet or not. The trick is to ask yourself whether your existing site is doing exactly what you want it to. Now this could apply to a number of different things. Maybe your site isn’t getting the volume of orders you’d like it to. Maybe you’re not getting as many signups for your newsletter as you’d like. Perhaps your site just doesn’t look as good as your competition anymore. Any one or more of these triggers could be the reason why you decide it is time to get a brand new website design.

As you can see it can sometimes be the visual side of things that starts to let you down. If you’ve ever come across a website that was clearly designed five years ago or more, you’ll know just how amusing and antiquated the design can be. Conversely you can tell when a website has a modern and fresh design that hasn’t been too long in the making. The trick is in asking yourself which group your website would fall into if someone were to discover it for the first time. Would your website stand up to closer scrutiny or not?

So you can see the importance of considering how well or badly your website design is performing. This should be a constant process and you should also consider how aged it looks. Your website is one of the most important investments you will ever make so it stands to reason that it makes your business look good at all times.