Ratio7 | What Message Does a Forgotten Blog Send to Your Customers?
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What Message Does a Forgotten Blog Send to Your Customers?

20 Mar What Message Does a Forgotten Blog Send to Your Customers?

There must be millions of blogs online that were started with enthusiasm, desire and excitement. But equally there are many that have since been forgotten. They are easy to spot – they would have had almost daily posts to begin with, perhaps for the first week or two at least, and then they dropped off virtually to nothing.

This is always a disappointment but in truth it can be more than disappointing when it is a business blog. In this case it can be harmful to business, because it does not present a good image to the people who come across that business to see if it might meet their needs.

Let’s say your own business blog has been neglected for a while. You might have very good reasons for this; you may have been busy serving your clients. But let’s say some prospective customers find your business via your blog and they take a look round to get an idea of what you do. Very soon they discover a wealth of blog posts… but none of them are recent. In fact it looks as though you haven’t blogged at all for a couple of months. What’s happening there?

The truth is that at this stage, you are in grave danger of losing those potential customers to another site. They could assume (and you couldn’t blame them for doing so) that you were no longer trading or that business wasn’t as good. If you can be seen to abandon your business blog so quickly, what might happen to the rest of your business?

As you can see, a forgotten blog can do a lot of harm to your business. The truth is you don’t need to put a lot of time into your blog if you want it to work for you. You can just do one post every week, which shouldn’t take long to create anyway. If you can do this you will give a strong and reliable impression to your customers and future customers – and that is worth a fortune.