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02 Jun What You Can Learn from Apple

Of all the breakout companies in the technology/innovation economy of the last 30 years, Apple stands alone and small business owners and non-profits can learn a great deal from Apple's success story: Don't overlook small details. The iPad2 has been deemed less impressive than the awesome SmartCover designed for it. Keep things simple. Apple's most successful products (iPod, iPhone and the iPad) are all very minimal....

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04 Feb Best iPhone/iPad Creativity Apps

Applications (apps) are changing the world. In fact, a recent article says that the smartphone is actually more a personal computer than the PC actually ever was. By the end of 2011, the majority of cell phone users will be using smartphones. And now that iPads and it's competitors are so popular, there are apps for everything! 300,000 options at...

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01 Sep E-book Design

E-books are all the rage. Increasingly people are getting their information online or via devices like Amazon's Kindle and e-books are perfect for this. They are also a great way to market yourself as an expert. You can write an e-book yourself or work with a ghostwriter and pay to have it done. Either way, one of the things that...

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