Ratio7 | What You Can Learn from Apple
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What You Can Learn from Apple

02 Jun What You Can Learn from Apple

Of all the breakout companies in the technology/innovation economy of the last 30 years, Apple stands alone and small business owners and non-profits can learn a great deal from Apple’s success story:

  • Don’t overlook small details. The iPad2 has been deemed less impressive than the awesome SmartCover designed for it.
  • Keep things simple. Apple’s most successful products (iPod, iPhone and the iPad) are all very minimal. Look around your workplace, at processes and products at what you can eliminate vs. add.
  • Develop a cult-like community. Apple’s customers don’t just feel like customers. They feel like they belong to something larger. Kiva is a great example of a non-profit whose international online community of contributers interact heavily in forums.
  • It isn’t necessary to play nice with everyone. iTunes doesn’t mesh with all other tech providers, Apple has refused Adobe Flash for iPads/iPhones. Apple is notorious for not creating partnerships with other companies (unlike Google). Or perhaps it is better to say they are incredibly picky in those partnerships-and that is the takeaway and part of what creates that insulated sense of community.
  • Design matters. Of course, we at Ratio7 believe that strongly, but the world of design is getting increasing notice and there is little doubt that Apple’s clean, distinctive product designs, and logo, have lead that wave of attention.