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Best iPhone/iPad Creativity Apps

04 Feb Best iPhone/iPad Creativity Apps

Applications (apps) are changing the world. In fact, a recent article says that the smartphone is actually more a personal computer than the PC actually ever was. By the end of 2011, the majority of cell phone users will be using smartphones. And now that iPads and it’s competitors are so popular, there are apps for everything! 300,000 options at last count. Here are some of our favorite creativity apps:

  • Sketchbook Mobile/Sketchbook Pro: Made by Autodesk, the creator/owner of AutoCAD, this app offers professional grade painting and drawing on the iPhone/iPad. TONS of features for on-the-go creating at a professional level
  • Draw: Pretty basic with colored pencils and an eraser, it still allows for instant creativity AND allows you to Tweet or email your creations
  • Brushes: Brushes is a painting app designed specifically for iPhone/iPad with a variety of brushes and a nifty color picker
  • Hipstamatic: This photography app has spawned flickr groups and contests. Offers a variety of lenses to allow you to take photos that have a unique vintage feel. The corresponding website is brilliant as well!
  • ShakeItPhoto: Allows you to turn any iPhone photo into a Polaroid image by shaking your phone. Way cool!
  • CameraBag: Offers a variety of lenses to change your iPhone photos into different tones like black and white, sepia, silver, plastic camera, and even different years like 1962 and 1974 photo styles! A whole lotta fun!

Honestly, we could really keep going for a long time sharing fun and creative apps, but we’d rather hear from you! What are your favorites? What are we missing?